Voting Rights Defender

What is Voting Rights Defender

A new initiative of LDF’s Thurgood Marshall Institute, the Voting Rights Defender (VRD) project will broaden LDF’s monitoring and tracking of voter suppression efforts in targeted jurisdictions months in advance of Election Day to identify as early as possible these suppression measures:




VRD will connect local partners with a resource team to combat suppressive measures using public exposure and media coverage, advocacy efforts with local actors and decisionmakers (e.g. calls, letters, petitions), and, if necessary, litigation.

What You Can Do

Check your voter registration status by visiting If you’re not registered to vote, do so now. 

Three critical bills that would safeguard our elections and ensure they have proper funding currently sit in the Senate. 

HEROES Act: Passed in the House as a coronavirus relief package, the HEROES Act would provide our elections with the proper funding to ensure that all eligible voters could safely access the ballot. 

H.R.1: The For the People Act would expand voting rights, limit partisan gerrymandering, strengthen ethics rules, and limit the influence of private donor money.

H.R.4: The Voting Rights Advancement Act would restore power back to the gutted Voting Rights Act by requiring federal oversight of states and jurisdictions that have a history of voter suppression. 

Poll workers are an essential component in ensuring our elections are a success. Visit the U.S. Election Assistance Commission website to learn how you can sign up to become a poll worker. 

Make sure you have your personal protective equipment (PPE) set aside for election day so you can feel safe as you cast your ballot. 

Request an absentee ballot and safely exercise your right to vote from inside your home. has all the deadlines for requesting absentee ballots here and you can request an absentee ballot here

Because of the impact of COVID-19, voter information is changing rapidly this year. Sign up to receive updates from our Prepared To Vote initiative, which monitors changes and can provide you with the latest details on what you need to know to cast your ballot.