Prepared to Vote 2022

Voters' Empowerment Week

Federal, State, and Local Elections

September 19 - 23, 2022

Your 2022 Election Roadmap

Elections are right around the corner. Are you prepared to vote? We've got you covered. Use our election quiz to find election details for your state.

Prepared to Vote and Voting Rights Defender

Prepared to Vote (PTV) engages volunteers and equips voters in key states with the information needed to protect voting rights and support Black political participation. Voting Rights Defender (VRD) project engages voters and local community partners to monitor, track, and respond to voter suppression efforts in our targeted jurisdictions to protect the right to vote.

Leave No Power on the Table

Local Elections Guide

We’ve compiled an index of some of the major elected positions in state and local government and their functions to help you prepare to vote and become acquainted with how state and local government impacts your life and your community.

Prepared to Vote 2022

How to Research Candidates and Issues

Because state and local elections receive less media coverage, it can sometimes be hard to find information on who and what is on your ballot. We’ve put together a guide to help make sure you are fully prepared when you cast your ballot.