George Wallerstein began supporting LDF’s work during the civil rights movement in the early 1960’s. “It was apparent even then,” he says, “that the effort to expand civil rights in the United States would be a long job”. LDF is still working to defend the gains made at that time and endeavoring to build on those successes for the future.

Of particular importance to life-long educators, George Wallerstein and his wife, Julie Lutz, is the opportunity for all Americans to have access to quality education. “LDF not only fights to make the opportunity available but also assists African- American students to pursue undergraduate and law degrees through its scholarship programs. Every year it is rewarding to learn about the new class of scholarship recipients, individuals with a passion to help improve their communities. We appreciate knowing that they are on their way to join LDF’s outstanding alumni – judges, members of Congress, professors, founders of community organizations – individuals who will carry forward LDF’s fight for justice and equality.”