Source: BET

Sherrilyn Ifill: A National Crisis Requires a National Response

Sherrilyn Ifill declares that this country is facing a national crisis — a statement that she contends is not an exaggeration. The police brutality and violence projected toward the African-American community has dated back decades, but the only difference between 1915 and 2015 is the presence of new technology such as social media and cellphone cameras, which can document police brutality, she writes in an op-ed on CNN.

“To call this ugly and unrelenting wave of police violence against unarmed African-Americans a national crisis is not an exaggeration — we are losing the confidence of a generation of young who no longer believe in the legitimacy or credibility of our law enforcement and the justice system that underpins it,” Ifill writes. “A true democracy draws its strength from the confidence of its citizens in the bedrock institutions. The loss of that confidence threatens the very foundation of our legal system.”

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