Source: Colorlines

“Ryan Haygood, director of LDF’s Political Participation Group, said in an interview with that he is “very hopeful” about a VRA congressional fix this year.

“The Voting Rights Act case is about protecting voters of color, but it’s also about Congress’s powers to legislate,” said Haygood. “[The U.S. Supreme Court]’s decision limited Congress’s constitutional authority in the arena of voting, so that’s why I think we can take Rep. Sensenbrenner at his word.”

…Current conditions for the federal government in general show that lawmakers are now heavily embroiled in other major non-elections matters, like the economy and possible military intervention in Syria. But the LDF’s Haygood downplays Congress’s other obligations.

“Congress always has its hands full with many important things,” he said. “But given that the Supreme Court struck down an act of Congress that they labored for 10 months over before reauthorizing, I would say that Congress is taking the decision personally and that restoring VRA is a priority for them, even as they grapple with other matters like Syria and the fiscal crisis.”


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