Source: Diane Rehm Show

Janai Nelson, LDF Associate Director-Counsel, joins a panel on the Diane Rehm Show to discuss the prospects of change in the aftermath of the Ferguson crisis.

Prospects For Change In The Aftermath Of Michael Brown’s Death In Ferguson, Missouri

President Barack Obama met with civil rights leaders and law enforcement officials yesterday to talk about ways to build trust between the local police and residents in African American communities. That trust has been especially strained since last week’s grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri to not indict Officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager.  Many welcome the president’s focus on the issue, but hope that much more can be done to improve race relations, police procedures and economic opportunity in America’s disadvantaged neighborhoods. Nelson, joins a panel with Devlin Barrett from the Wall Street Journal, Elizabeth Kneebone from the Brookings Institution and David Klinger from the University of Missouri, St. Louis to discuss ways forward after Ferguson. 

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