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The Senate Run-Off Race in Louisiana. It’s Important.

On November 8th, millions of Americans went to their local polling precincts and cast ballots in the general election. By the early morning of November 9th, voters knew not only the President-Elect but also who would occupy 99 of the 100 seats in the Senate when the 115th Congress is seated in January. The only seat yet to be filled is that for Louisiana, and the decision for this seat will be made on December 10th.

Louisiana’s Senate election features an open primary in which 24 Democratic and Republican senatorial candidates squared off on November 8th. Since no candidate received 50% or more of the vote, the two top finishers will meet on December 10th for a run-off to determine who will take that last pivotal seat in the Senate. This is a race to which Louisiana voters, and indeed the entire nation, need to pay attention. Voters should make sure their voice is heard by casting a ballot on December 10th.

Just like for the November 8th Election, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund’s (LDF) nonpartisan Prepared to Vote lawyers and volunteers will be in Louisiana on December 10th to answer questions and ensure every person is able to cast a ballot. Please search “Prepared to Vote” at to find important information for the Congressional General Election.

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