Source: LDF

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF) has developed a Know Your Rights Academy to address unlawful, stops, frisks, searches, and arrests by NYPD officers conducting vertical patrols and enforcing criminal trespass in NYCHA buildings. The Academy will train a cadre of Manhattan NYCHA residents in the fundamentals of organizing and facilitation of Know Your Rights workshops for NYCHA residents as it relates to their interactions with law enforcement. The selected cadre will be responsible for training other public housing residents throughout Manhattan and participating in the citywide stop and frisk campaign. The Academy sessions will be based on three components;

  • Basic Organizing 101
  • Know Your Rights Trainings
  • Resident Watch Program

Registration is open now and the KYRA trainings will run from mid January to late March.  For more information and registration, contact Marquis Jenkins at 212-965-2277 or Ginger Lopez at 917-582-6005  

Help us empower and strengthen our communities by preventing, monitoring, and responding to abusive police practices.