Source: New York Times


LDF’s client, Imani Clark, a student at Prarie View A&AM University was featured in this New York Times article about the Texas Photo ID case in which LDF is challenging SB14, the state’s discriminatory photo ID law which a federal judge described as the most discriminatory in the country:
Imani Clark (photo by Michael Stravato for the New York Times)One of those who may testify is Imani Clark, 22, a college student who used to vote in Waller County using her student ID but has not voted since the law took effect. She does not have one of the approved forms of identification and has been unable to travel to a state office to apply for an election ID.

“She doesn’t have access to a car,” said Natasha M. Korgaonkar, a lawyer for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund who is representing Ms. Clark. “Waller County is rural Texas. There’s no public transportation available to her.”