Source: CNN and The Washington Post

LDF Attorneys Write on Affirmative Action Case (Fisher II) Before Supreme Court this Week

Jin Hee Lee, LDF’s Deputy Director of Litigation, authored an opinion for on the Fisher case before the Supreme Court of the United States this week. “Race matters. That is as true today as ever before, especially when it comes to higher education. … Because ‘race matters,’ racial diversity must be an integral part of higher education. The University of Texas recognizes the vital importance of student diversity by considering race as one of several factors in its holistic admissions process.”

For the Washington Post, LDF’s President and Director-Counsel Sherrilyn Ifill authored an opinion, “To fight racial isolation on campus, start with admissions.” Ifill connects the current wave of college activism to the need for affirmative action in college admissions and this week’s Fisher Supreme Court case. “The student protests have not been linked to the Texas affirmative action case. But the claims of marginalization and isolation, and the sustained demands for change, offer a timely window into the precise phenomenon that university officials in Texas sought, in part, to address through the admissions plan they created in 2005.”

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