Source: TPM

Is Trump Urging His Gun-Toting Supporters To Break Voter Intimidation Laws?

Civil rights groups are already gearing up for an especially tense Election Day. Meanwhile, the federal government has been hobbled by a 2013 Supreme Court ruling in its ability to monitor elections in places with histories of voter intimidation. Of particular concern are states with loose open carry laws, where already, some armed Trump supporters have shown an interest in making their presence known at voting sites.

“The idea that people would be standing outside the polls with guns, or even inside the polls with guns, clearly has the potential to turn people away. There’s a long history of this,” said Deuel Ross, an attorney for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, which is very active in voting rights litigation.

His group plans to be observing elections in Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana and South Carolina.

“These are places with a history of voter intimidation and also very liberal gun laws,” Ross said.

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