Source: Rolling Stone

In Rolling Stone, Leticia Smith-Evans, Interim Director of the Education Practice at LDF, is featured in “Can We Fix the Race Problem in America’s School Discipline?” in which she talks about the DOJ and DOE’s recently issued guidance on school discipline: 

“Of course, school-based discrimination does not exist in a vacuum. Advocates like Arnold point to broader policy changes that have influenced the zero-tolerance educational climate, such as the “tough on crime” mentality of the 1980s. “This is not a new phenomenon,” says Leticia Smith-Evans, interim director at the Education Practice at the NAACP’s Legal Defense and Educational Fund. “Schools were legally segregated just 60 years ago.”

But advocates agree that the federal government has taken an important step in acknowledging the problem and outlining solutions. “We do have systemic issues when it comes to race in this country,” says Smith-Evans. “This guidance is a step towards eradicating those issues.”

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