Sherrilyn Ifill on 60 Minutes Discussing How America Reached its Current Policing Crisis and What We Must Do Next

  [video width="642" height="366" mp4=""][/video]   "What we have seen now is how fragile a democracy is. It requires work. It requires people to be vigilant. It requires people saying no to a leader who’s ...

Sherrilyn Ifill on the Legal Regime Needed to Achieve Police Reform

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]   "We've got to really lean into the legal apparatus that has allowed this to happen." For highlighted clips, click here.

Janai Nelson Discusses the Third Degree Murder Charges Against Former Officer Chauvin on BBC World News

[video width="1048" height="612" mp4=""][/video]   "The charges are rather disappointing. We have a single charge of only one of the four officers who were involved in the brutal killing of George Floyd, and that officer ...

Sherrilyn Ifill Discusses the Continued Unrest in Response to George Floyd’s Death on PBS NewsHour

[video width="1000" height="606" mp4=""][/video]   "For us, the COVID-19 pandemic and what our community has suffered...and when you see the years and years and decades of police violence against unarmed African-Americans, and the ways in ...

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