Sherrilyn Ifill at University of Maryland School of Law "Beyond Ferguson" Event

On February 9th, President and Director-Counsel Sherrilyn Ifill presented remarks at the “Beyond Ferguson Series” hosted by the University of Maryland’s Francis King Carey School of Law and School of Social Work. 

The “Beyond Ferguson Series” was the third of four speaking engagements that Ms. Ifill has done in the past several weeks, including appearances at the University of North Carolina, Stanford University and Columbia University.  Her remarks touch on not only the tragic death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, but the structural factors that have underpinned race relations between blacks and whites. 

Excerpt from speech:  “The past six months have been challenging ones.  As a country we are in one of those moments.  One of those periods when we are forced to see ourselves.  When we are pushed to confront our toughest problems.  When we face hard truths and tough problems that have no easy answers.  When we can see with absolute clarity the cracks in our democracy.  These are not new cracks.  They are old ones – cracks we spackled over years ago and applied a coat of paint.  But now these cracks have run all the way to the foundation, and they threaten the integrity of our justice system and our democracy.”

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