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We do not need a federal investigation into a myth. The evidence is clear: there is no widespread in-person voter fraud. There is certainly no evidence of the breathtaking claim that three million illegal votes were cast. There is proven evidence, however, of voter suppression found by multiple federal courts. That should be the focus of federal action.

There is no doubting the documented evidence that millions of minority voters lost equal access to the ballot box as a result of voter suppression schemes enacted in towns, counties, and states across the country in the wake of the Supreme Court’s disastrous Shelby decision gutting of the Voting Rights Act (VRA).

Instead of wasting time and taxpayer dollars in pursuit of a debunked fantasy, Mr. Trump should support an amendment to the VRA that would require that voter suppression efforts based on race trigger federal oversight in the form of preclearance.

Mr. Trump’s incendiary misrepresentations have been roundly rejected across party lines, including by state officials responsible for the oversight of elections. This order demonstrates what we now expect of the president. He ignores proven, legitimate civil rights violations in favor of using the bully pulpit to challenge the legitimacy of ballots cast by minority voters. This is consistent with his shameful statements during the campaign when he encouraged his supporters to “watch voters” in “urban areas.” Every American who believes in civil rights and our democratic institutions and is committed to the hard-won right of minorities to participate equally in the political process should resist this effort to turn our attention away from the truth of voter suppression and towards a cynical promotion of a long and fully disproven myth of voter fraud.

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