The NAACP Legal Defense Fund has sent a letter to the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee raising “serious concerns about the current tone and rhetoric concerning voter participation on Election Day.”

LDF calls on the leaders of the two major political parties “to demonstrate leadership in uniting to push back against efforts to disparage, undermine, and challenge the right of every eligible citizen to participate freely in the exercise of the right to vote on Election Day.” The letter outlines the way in which federal law protects the rights of voters at the polls to participate freely in the electoral process.

In the letter, LDF calls on both the RNC and the DNC to pledge:

  1. To develop a joint plan and set of safeguards to ensure that voters are not intimidated or discriminated against at the polls on Election Day.
  2. To work jointly with election officials in each state to execute this plan.
  3. To work jointly with each political campaign to require that the activities and tone of each campaign are consistent with the goal of ensuring that our electoral process is free of discrimination and intimidation.
  4. To withhold financial and other support to any campaign that fails to meet this goal.

Read the full letter here.