LDF: 75 Years Shaping Black History

Black History Month is about celebrating the legacy and contributions of African Americans – past, present and future.

For the past 75 years, LDF has stood on the front lines of the fight for equality and justice for African Americans and for the protection of civil and human rights for all. Our premise is simple: How do we make good on the promise of the American Dream and ensure that African Americans have equal access to all the opportunities that this nation offers?

In 1940, our founder Thurgood Marshall created LDF with a vision of what America should look like and the rightful place that African-Americans should have in it to truly make our nation realize its democratic ideals. With historic legal victories that paved the way to desegregated schools, access to the ballot box, and pathways to quality education and jobs, we look upon Black History Month with both great pride and an acknowledgment that there is still more to do.

The battleground may seem different but our call to action remains the same.  We will remain bold and visionary in our pursuit of equality for all.

In celebration, we will be highlighting influential African Americans who have contributed to this vision every Thursday this month.

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