Christine Swarns with cast of "A Time  to Kill"

Christina Swarns, Interim Director of Litigation and Director of the Criminal Justice Practice at LDF attended a performance of the new Broadway adaptation of “A Time to Kill,” which is based on John Grisham’s bestselling novel and a popular motion picture.

“A Time to Kill,” one of the most celebrated courtroom dramas of the last several decades, recounts the story of Carl Lee Hailey, who is charged in the murder of two white men who raped and nearly killed his young daughter. Although Hailey ultimately settles on local lawyer Jake Brigance to represent him, he deliberated between that lawyer and an LDF lawyer. “Well, the NAACP is into abolition…”

In his closing remarks to the all-white jury, Brigance urges them to close their eyes and “imagine if [Hailey’s daughter] were white.”

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