Christina Swarns, U. Penn Law School Honorary Fellow

This year, Christina Swarns, Director of LDF’s Criminal Justice Practice and Interim Director of Litigation has been chosen as an Honorary Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, from which she is an alum.

Past honorees include Ralph Nader, Marian Wright Edelman, Leonard Boudin, Morris Dees, Justice Cruz, Anthony G. Amsterdam, Michael Posner, Cory Booker, Julie Su, Michael Ratner, Stephen Bright, and Marcia Greenberger.

Each year the University of Pennsylvania Law School faculty chooses an Honorary Fellow who has distinguished himself or herself in commitment to public service in law-related activities. 

The fellowship honors lawyers who have made significant contributions to the ends of justice at the cost of great personal risk and sacrifice, and the award seeks to inspire Penn students to emulate these men and women. 

The fellowship allows the Penn Law community to spend more time learning from and being inspired by Christina and her indefatigable work on criminal justice reform and ending the death penalty. 

Christina will present a lecture entitled: “Every Goodbye Ain’t Gone”: Understanding and Addressing the Past and Present Role of Race in the Administration of the Death Penalty.

LDF is enormously proud and knows that Christina is eminently deserving of this fellowship!