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Important Facts About LDF’s Case Against the United States Postal Service and the 2020 Elections

On December 17 2021, LDF and Public Citizen announced a settlement in the historic case NAACP v. United States Postal Service. Filed in August 2020, it challenged USPS delivery delays and inadequate measures to ensure timely delivery of mail-in ballots for the November 2020 election. Our suit resulted in USPS implementing court-ordered “extraordinary measures” for the timely delivery of ballots.

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Joining Forces: Thurgood Marshall and John Lewis

Joining Forces: Thurgood Marshall and John Lewis By Janell Byrd-Chichester Director of the Thurgood Marshall Institute John Lewis’s death on July 17 marked a profound loss for the civil rights community. Congressman Lewis was the last living member of the “Big Six” civil rights leaders and, in describing the weight of his loss, many reflected on the power, legacy, and

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Online Voter Registration: Good for States, Good for Voters

Online Voter Registration: Good for States, Good for Voters  August 11, 2020 Availability of Online Voter Registration Has Grown Significantly Since its 2002 Inception In 49 states and the District of Columbia, citizens who are eligible to vote must register with the state before they can vote.1 Traditionally, voters were required to register by submitting paper forms by mail or

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Structural Racism is a Public Health Crisis

Structural Racism is a Public Health Crisis May 27, 2020 Structural racism is a public health crisis. It is the underlying condition fueling disparities in COVID-19 outcomes. Our success at fighting the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring public health and safety is predicated on acknowledging and addressing the pre-existing condition of structural racism that enables this pandemic to flourish.   It’s no

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It’s Time for the Federal Government to Get Serious About Addressing COVID-19

It’s Time to for the Federal Government to Get Serious About Addressing COVID-19 April 24, 2020 America’s ability to limit the death and economic destruction caused by COVID-19 depends on dramatically ramping up testing for the coronavirus – a reality that the President and United States Congress acknowledge with the passage and signing of the most recent coronavirus relief bill

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The Women of Brown v. Board of Education

The Girls who Shaped Brown v. Board of Education Their Untold Stories and the Sacrifices that Made Today’s Fight for Educational Equity Possible By Cara McClellan LDF Assistant Counsel Ethel Brown was born with a heart condition. But, because she was Black, she had no choice but to travel 20 miles each day to attend Howard High School, the only

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How the CARES Act is Helping America

Lisa Cylar Barrett Director of Policy   How the CARES Act is Helping Americans And What Must Be Done to Achieve Comprehensive COVID-19 Relief It can’t be said enough — we are living in unprecedented times where the entire world has been impacted by a virus for which there is currently no cure and no vaccine. The catastrophic health and

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LDF Blog: When Power is Divorced from Rule of Law (WI 2020 Primary Election)

When Power Is Divorced From Rule Of Law The U.S. Supreme Court’s Wisconsin Election Decision Should Serve as a Warning to Us All By Sam Spital LDF Director of Litigation As LDF’s President and Director-Counsel Sherrilyn Ifill stated in this powerful piece: “We must never forget the images we saw in Wisconsin this week.” Those images showed thousands of “mask-wearing Americans standing

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