Today, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. submitted written testimony to the Florida House of Representatives opposing H.B. 7061, a harmful elections bill that would make several harmful changes to Florida’s elections laws and likely diminish the voting rights of voters of color.  Similar to Senate Bill 524 and Proposed Committee Bill (PCB) PIE 22-03, S.B. 524 would create the “Office of Election Crimes and Security,” a new law enforcement entity that would have the power to conduct investigations into alleged voting irregularities. The office would be housed within the Department of State and include an increased number of sworn special agents from the Department of Law Enforcement who would become “special officers to investigate alleged violations of the election laws” with the authority “to see that violators of the laws are apprehended and punished.” Considering the long history of law enforcement in Florida serving directly or indirectly as a tool of voter intimidation and the absence of any widespread wrongdoing by voters in Florida’s past elections, the proposal raises serious concerns of voter intimidation and a potential chilling effect on political participation. 

H.B. 7061 would increase the aggregate cap on fines that can be levied against a third-party voter-registration organization for errors or other violations with respect to voter registration applications within a calendar year. This would potentially expose such groups—who provide a critical service to Florida voters, especially for Floridians of color—to exorbitant fines, chilling their engagement in constitutionally protected activities.  The bill would ban the use of ranked-choice voting in any local, state, or federal election despite the fact that ranked-choice voting is not currently in use anywhere in the state. H.B. 7061 would also needlessly heighten restrictions on absentee voting, increase the frequency and scope of voter purge activities, and solicit sensitive personal identifying information from voters by mail, which could lead to the wrongful removal of qualified voters from registration lists based on unreliable or unsuitable sources of information and exposure and exploitation of voters’ information.

Read the full letter here.


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