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Alabama Anti-Truth Bills

Alabama legislators have filed five bills—four House bills and one Senate bill– that, if enacted, could threaten truthful and honest discussions of history in classrooms, universities, and state agencies. These bills could prohibit teaching and training on concepts related to race, religion, and gender and sexual orientation. Truthful and inclusive discussions about United States and Alabama history – like the Trail of Tears, Selma Bridge Crossingand the oppression of religious minorities – are essential to accurate and quality academic instruction and reduce the rate of school-based racial discrimination. No student or educator should have their history and humanity erased from the classroom. 

The Alabama legislature is likely to hold hearings where members of the public can provide input. These hearings will be held by the subcommittees that are considering whether to adopt the bills. If you are interested in providing testimony at one of these hearings, check back regularly for hearing schedule updates or fill out the contact form below to request updates via email. You can also refer to the tips below as you draft your testimony. 

What's in the bills?

Senate Bill 7 and House Bills 8 and 9

Prohibits all public educational institutions, government agencies, municipalities, and state contractors receiving Alabama state funding from discussing, teaching, or training on a wide range of topics which are vaguely labeled as “divisive concepts,” “race or sex scapegoating,” and “race or sex stereotyping.” These prohibitions, modeled after President Trump’s executive order 13950 which was found by a federal court to be unconstitutional, are ambiguously drafted and may chill or censor discussions about the role of racism and sexism in the founding of our country and in present-day structural inequities.  

House Bill 11

Prohibits public educational institutions from directing or compelling students to affirm, adopt, or adhere to certain tenets, inaccurately defined as part of “critical race theory,” and prohibits introducing a course of instruction or unit of study doing the same. 

Public educational institutions are also prohibited from distinguishing or classifying students by race or color, a practice commonly used to assess racial disparities in school discipline and academic achievement. Requires public educational institutions to terminate educators who violate the bills’ confusing provisions.

House Bill 312

Prohibits K-12 schools from teaching or training on, and higher education institutions from requiring assent to, a wide range of topics which are vaguely labeled as “divisive concepts.” These include prohibiting teaching that “slavery and racism are anything other than…betrayals of the founding principles of the United States.” 

Prohibits schools and universities from seeking federal funding intended to fund training on the identified concepts. Permits public educational institutions to terminate educators who violate the bill’s confusing provisions.

Alabama Board of Education Anti-Truth Resolution

On August 12, 2021 the Alabama Board of Education (BOE) passed a resolution, entitled “Declaring the Preservation of Intellectual Freedom and Non-Discrimination in Alabama’s Public Schools,” which prevents educators from teaching the full and accurate history of racial discrimination and civil rights in Alabama and the United States. It is a dangerous step backward that  emerged from a coordinated national effort to suppress our nation’s history and deny the experiences of Black people and other people of color. 

 On October 14, the State Superintendent of Education held a hearing to debate  whether the resolution should be permanently adopted into law. .” LDF, Project Say Something, and the Alabama State Conference NAACP submitted oral and written testimony at the Alabama Department of Education (ALDOE) hearing where members of the public were given the opportunity to express their opposition to the resolution. The testimony explained how the resolution conflicts with the state’s own academic standards and may suppress the speech rights of Alabama teachers. At the end of the hearing, the Board of Education adopted the resolution as a permanent rule.

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