Gruver v. Barton (consolidated with Jones v. DeSantis)

Voting with a Felony Conviction in FL

Date Filed: 06/02/2020

On May 24, 2020, the federal district court issued a 125-page decision following an eight-day trial in the consolidated case Jones, et al. v. DeSantis, et al. Jones is a lawsuit challenging provisions within Senate Bill 7066 of 2019 (“SB7066”) that require people with felony convictions to pay “fines,” “fees,” “costs,” and/or “restitution” to vote. In the decision, the Court ruled that aspects of this “pay-to-vote system” are unconstitutional under the Fourteenth and Twenty-Fourth Amendments and violates the National Voter Registration Act (“NVRA”).

We are sure that FL residents still have lingering questions or reservations about registering to vote and heading to the polls. To help, we have co-developed this resource with the information that newly-eligible voters need.

7/1/2020 UPDATE: Unfortunately, the district court decision has been stayed while an appeal of the case in pending.

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