Date Filed: 02/16/2018

In advance of the post-2020 redistricting cycle, LDF is educating the public about the redistricting process and how to participate. Read a short guide here. And please stay tuned for the 2021 publication of a more in-depth guide to redistricting, which will be available here.

In August of 2010, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. (LDF), along with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Asian American Justice Center, released The Impact of Redistricting in Your Community: A Guide to Redistricting.

This manual provides the legal and policy framework for redistricting.  Specifically, the manual outlines advocacy strategies to help communities participate in the redistricting process, keep line drawers accountable and ensure that the voting strength of minority communities is not unjustly weakened. 

Redistricting will determine political representation for the decade to come.  During the redistricting process, the lines and boundaries of governing bodies are redrawn so that each district is roughly equal in population size based on the most recent census data.  However, it is almost as important that districts are drawn in ways that comply with the central requirements of the Voting Rights Act and that new boundary lines do not dilute minority voting strength.  Redistricting is carried out at all levels of government – from local school boards and city councils to state legislatures and the United States House of Representatives.  Minority communities have an important role to play in the redistricting process to ensure that their voices are heard, their needs are addressed and their rights are protected.

Download a copy of The Impact of Redistricting in Your Community: A Guide to Redistricting. (PDF 15MB)