LDF, Earthjustice and the Environmental Justice Law Clinic at Yale Fight Landfill in Historic Black Alabama Community

Date Filed: 11/18/2016

LDF, alongside Earthjustice represents the Ashurst Bar/Smith Community Organization (ABSCO) in its Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 administrative complaint against the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM). The Title VI complaint was filed in 2003 with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Civil Rights (OCR).

ABSCO’s Title VI complaint alleges that ADEM discriminated against the Ashurst Bar/Smith community by permitting the Stone’s Throw Landfill to open and expand its operations in their predominately (98%) Black community without conducting an assessment of the Landfill’s disparate and discriminatory social, economic, and health impacts on the majority-Black community. The Stone’s Throw Landfill receives 1,500 tons of waste per day from all of Alabama’s 67 counties and three areas in Georgia. Trash is literally dumped in the front and back yards of the majority-Black Ashurst Bar/Smith community.