Prepared to Vote

Date Filed: 10/19/2018


Prepared to Vote 2015: In 2015, Prepared to Vote continued to focus on supporting LDF’s litigation efforts in areas with confusing and onerous photo ID laws (such as in TexasSouth Carolina), areas with recent large changes to access to such IDs (Alabama); and where large changes to polling locations had been recently effected as a result of LDF’s successful litigation efforts (such as in Georgia, and also in Fayette County, under district-based voting).

Prepared to Vote 2014: This campaign had a particular focus on mid-term elections in states where new or newly-implemented photo ID laws were applied (such as in TexasSouth Carolina, and Alabama); where large changes to polling locations had been recently enacted (such as in Georgia, and also in Fayette County, under district-based voting); or where elections were hotly contested along racial lines. Following the 2014 elections, LDF and the Center for American Progress co-authored a report entitled “Examining the Impact of Voter Suppression on the 2014 Midterm Elections.”

Prepared to Vote 2013: This campaign had the particular goal of supporting LDF’s litigation work through poll monitoring in South Carolina and Texas—states where strict voter ID laws had only recently become enforceable.

Prepared to Vote 2012: This campaign focused on the distribution of 500,000 pieces of user-friendly and state and context-specific palm cards useful for door-to-door community canvassing and outreach in the target states of Florida, Texas , Georgia, Pennsylvania , and South Carolina.