Raymond Audain

Raymond Audain serves as Senior Counsel at LDF’s New York office, where he focuses on class action and Section 1983 impact litigation.  Raymond served as lead counsel in NAACP v. DHS, a federal lawsuit to enjoin the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to rescind Temporary Protected Status for Haitians in the United States.  Raymond is also lead counsel in A.R. v. City of N.Y., a federal class action on behalf of visitors to New York City jails.  Raymond also helped to argue Buck v. Davis in the Supreme Court in October 2016, on behalf of an individual sentenced to death in Texas.  Raymond also serves as counsel in Davis v. City of N.Y., a federal class action challenging the NYPD’s unlawful practice of stopping and arresting New York City public housing residents and their guests.  In Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis, Raymond was Counsel of Record on a Supreme Court brief of amici curiae on behalf of 30 civil rights organizations.  The brief detailed the historical importance of class and collective actions for vindicating civil rights in employment.  Raymond is co-creator of the podcast series The Other Side of the Water: Immigration and the Promise of Racial Justice, and his publications include Not Yet Forgiven for Being Black: Haiti’s TPS, LDF, and the Protean Struggle for Racial Justice, 52 Loy. L.A. L. Rev. 409 (2019).  Raymond is also an Adjunct Professor of Clinical Law at NYU Law School.

Raymond received his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a degree in philosophy from the University of Michigan.  Prior to joining LDF, Raymond clerked for Judge Ronald L. Ellis in the Southern District of New York and for Judge Robert L. Carter in the Southern District of New York. 

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