Janai Nelson
Tona Boyd
Samuel Spital
Director of Litigation & General Counsel
Claude M. Johnson
Chief Development Officer
Kevin C. Thomson
Chief Financial Officer
Tré Murphy
Director of Community Organizing
Jin Hee Lee
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Anne V. Houghtaling
Senior Deputy Director of Strategic Initiatives
Karla McKanders
Thurgood Marshall Institute Director



Deborah Allen

Senior Executive Assistant

Evelyn Anderson

Scholarships Coordinator & Executive Assistant to the Director of Litigation

Shruti Banerjee

Data and Research Analyst

Michelle Charles


Dayle Chung


Kyona Davis

Administrative Program Manager

Rebecca Dharmapalan

Legal Assistant

Austin Drimal

Legal Assistant

Alfreida Edelen

Executive Assistant, Office of Director-Counsel & Admin Liason

Victor Genecin

Of Counsel

Cassandra Volcy

Legal Assistant

Grace Han

Research Associate for the President and Director-Counsel

Todd Hendricks

Data and Research Analyst

Arielle Humphries

Assistant Counsel​

Ingrid Isaac

Executive Assistant to the President and Director-Counsel

Breanna Williams

Fried Frank Fellow

Bailey Lindsey

Legal Assistant

Hannah Ferguson

Legal Assistant

Michael Skocpol

Assistant Counsel

Jason McGaughy

Deputy General Counsel

Brenda Wright

Special Litigation & Policy Counsel

Rita Wang

Research and Intake Associate

Kaisha Oliver


Anne Oredeko

Special Criminal Justice Counsel

Isabel Rohani

Redistricting Fellow

Rick Rozos

Paralegal Manager

Diane Simmons

Legal Assistant

Pilar Whitaker

Special Economic Justice Counsel

Molly Cain

John Payton Appellate and Supreme Court Advocacy Fellow


Amalea Smirniotopoulos

Senior Policy Counsel

Monica Jack

Executive Assistant of LDF’s Policy Department

David Wheaton

Economic Justice Policy Fellow


Evans Moore

Voting Rights Defender & Prepared To Vote Programs Field Coordinator

Leigh Logan

Voting Rights Defender and Prepared to Vote Programs Associate

Charles McLaurin

Senior Counsel

Assistant Counsel

Rachel Carter

Voting Rights Defender & Prepared To Vote Programs Field Coordinator

Michelle Peters

Executive Assistant for TMI


Cassandra Mensah

Archives Counsel

Dr. Sandhya Kajeepeta

TMI Senior Researcher

Donna S. Gloeckner

Director of Archives and Records

Research Associate

Kayla Jenkins

Manager of Archives

TMI Research and Operations Associate

Ashton Wingate

Manager of Digital Archives

Kimberly Villafuerte Barzola

Assistant Archivist

Andrea Hill

Assistant Archivist

Dr. Ayobami Laniyonu

Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow

Julian Castro

Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow Emeritus


Keecee DeVenny

Senior Digital Media Strategist

Mariel Fernández

Digital Media Strategist

Sarah Friedmann

Director of Original Content/Editor in Chief

Christopher Ford

Media Relations Strategist

John Guzman

Communications Strategist - Police Accountability

Kaye Lee Johnston

Senior Graphic Designer

Ella L. Wiley

Senior Communications Associate

Mark S. Luckie

Director of Digital Strategy

Phoebe Plagens

Senior Director of Media Relations

Ishena Robinson

Interim Editorial Director

Elias Isquith

Staff Writer

Jaweer Brown

Director of Marketing and Brand

Frances Bruey

Content Producer

Lindsey Norward

Senior Staff Writer

Chloe McKimmie

Communications Assistant

Gianna Baez

Social Media Strategist


Dory Baron

Institutional Giving Associate

Rowhan Baptiste

Manager of Stewardship and Communications

Courtney Edwards

Contracts and Compliance Manager

Laura Fino

Executive Director, Institutional Giving

Tal Segal

Development Operations Analyst

Katherine Pooser

Director of Planned Giving

Grace Madeja

Director of Individual Giving

Martha Lauria

Director of Development Services

Cynthia Diaz-Nieves

Database Coordinator

Briana Rheubottom

Development Coordinator, Individual Giving

Alexa Smith

Director of Major Gifts

Ron Sykes

Direct Marketing and Annual Giving Manager

Tom Walton

Director of Direct Marketing

Erica Windwer

Institutional Giving Manager

Lauren Dubin

Development Coordinator, Individual Giving

Shaqua Randle

Senior Database Manager

Gary Whidbee

Executive Director of Individual Giving

Rosalind George

Director of Corporate Giving


Alejandra Granado

Community Organizing Fellow - Political Participation

Jadyn Lynton-Smith

Community Organizing Associate

Brielle Morton

Community Organizer

Brixton Millner

Administrative Assistant Community Organizing

Miracle Stewart

Administrative Assistant Community Organizing

Broderick Pitts

Community Organizing Fellow - Education Equity

Obi Afriyie

Community Organizer

Joshua Everett

Campaign Strategist