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The Young Scholars Q & A

From: Justin B. 

To: Christopher Cleveland

Q: Hi, I'm also a member of the international baccalaureate program and just out of curiosity, did you earn the ib diploma and if so, did it make a difference in any way?
Christopher ClevelandA: I found the International Baccalaureate Program to be extremely valuable. Although at times during the four year program it surely felt like a highly demanding and at times tedious curriculum there has certainly been a reward. In college thus far, I recognize that my exposure to higher level learning in a vast variety of subjects has been helpful in a liberal arts education at my university. The cornerstone class, Theory of Knowledge, was very helpful in uniting the various subjects from a pragmatic and philosophical perspective I have brought with me to Harvard.

Also, on a more practical basis, the three-hour examinations that culminate the completion of each course, the extended essay, and other internal and external assessment writing components are all very good foundational exercises for the rigor of college. In college, my finals are three hours long and I have written many papers ranging in length from 2-15 pages.

By showing you how to be a dedicated student, IB as an advanced learning program has made a great difference in my life and is one of the many experiences that has shaped me in my life.