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LDF @ 70


70 years is a significant amount of time in America’s nearly 400-year continuing struggle for racial justice and equality before the law. In those seven decades, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. (LDF) has helped change the world.

Because of LDF, no one can get away with saying that black people—or any people—have “no rights under the Constitution,” as the Supreme Court did in its 1857 Dred Scott decision.

LDF Voting Rights Act 45th Anniversary Commemorative Poster


LDF Voting Rights Act 45th Anniversary Commemorative Poster.

Free the Vote


The Next Phase of the Voting Rights Movement: Freeing the Vote for People with Felony Convictions
Securing the right to vote for the disfranchised—persons who have lost their voting rights as a result of a felony conviction—is widely recognized as the next phase of the voting rights movement. Nationwide, more than 5.3 million Americans who have been convicted of a felony are denied access to the one fundamental right that is the foundation of all other rights. Only Maine and Vermont do not restrict voting on the basis of a felony conviction, and allow inmates to vote from prison by absentee ballot.

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