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LDF Once Again Argues Case Against Texas Strict Voter Photo Id Law


Before the 15 judge U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, LDF’s Associate Director-Counsel, Janai Nelson, brilliantly laid out the argument that Texas’ voter ID law intentionally discriminates against minority voters. In two minutes she showed why: 1) SB 14’s proponents selected photo IDs that Blacks and Latinos were least likely to possess and purposefully rejected several secure but less discriminatory forms of ID, 2) a complex cocktail of procedural departures enabled SB 14’s passage and 3) During the 82nd session, Texas legislators not only made repeated references to illegal aliens, linked immigration to leprosy, and proffered unfounded allegations of non-citizen voting and voter fraud, they engaged in intentional racial discrimination in redistricting. Now we wait for the court’s decision.

Listen to the LDF Associate Director-Counsel Janai Nelson's argument here starting at time mark 39:50.