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News Updates

  • Public Housing ID not Valid Voter Photo ID in Alabama


    The state of Alabama has told the NAACP Legal Defense Fund that public housing Identification will not be accepted as a form of photo ID to vote at the polls. LDF has written the Secretary of State’s office requesting that this form of ID, which for many people of color is their only form of ID, be accepted under their new Photo ID law.  In an email, from the Secretary of State’s Chief Legal Advisor, that request was denied.

  • LDF's 2014 Prepared to Vote Campaign


    LDF Lawyer on the move on election day

    LDF lawyers will be teaming up with local grassroots and legal partners to ensure maximum participation by voters of color in the midterm elections of November 2014. 

  • NPR Hosts a Conversation with Janai Nelson on New Voting Laws


    NPR Presents: Voting Rights Or Wrongs?

    North Carolina's new voting law has been a hot topic of discussion—and litigation—this election year. 

    The law reduced the number of early voting days, eliminated same-day registration during early voting, and did away with the counting of out-of-precinct ballots. In 2016, voter ID is scheduled to take effect. 

  • National Civil and Human Rights Groups Urge Administration to Release Strong Gainful Employment Rule


    For decades, LDF has advocated for equal educational opportunities.  However, too many African American and other students of color and low-income students are being targeted for recruitment by for-profit institutions, encouraged to incur high amounts of debt, and left without the credentials to obtain gainful employment - which undermines the very essence of equal educational opportunity.  This has long-term implications for those students at for-profit institutions, including compromised credit scores, credentials that are not recognized in their fields, and limited o

  • Arkansas High Court Strikes Down Voter ID Law


    On April 16, 2014, the American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas (ACLU) brought a lawsuit in Arkansas state court challenging the validity of Arkansas’s new voter photo ID law under the Arkansas Constitution. At the same time, LDF and the Arkansas NAACP were in communication with the Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin about the significant burdens that the photo ID law had placed on Black voters in the state, and requesting that his office work to ease those burdens.