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"The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund is simply the best civil rights law firm in American history." -- President Obama

News Updates

  • Three Strikes Made Fairer


    California’s voters softened one of the nation’s most destructive and unfair sentencing policies this week when they approved a ballot initiative revising the infamous three-strikes law of 1994, which imposes a life sentence for any felony conviction — no matter how minor — if the defendant has two previous serious convictions.

  • NEJAD Video: Vigilance in the Defense of Liberty and Freedom


    View LDF's video, "Vigilance in the Defense of Liberty and Freedom", presented at our 2012 National Equal Justice Award Dinner held in New York City on November 1, 2012.


  • Trespassing in Your Own Home


    District attorney’s offices in New York City have generally supported the Police Department — or kept quiet about their reservations — during the escalating battle over the department’s stop-and-frisk program, under which hundreds of thousands of citizens are stopped every year, often for no reason.

  • Why Diversity Counts in National Security


    The reality of demographics mandates a sharp focus on creating leaders from the burgeoning Hispanic and Asian American communities.  The history of Vietnam tells us we need to keep that same focus on the African American community. Leaders are created, not born, and a particular responsibility lies with higher education to ensure a sustained flow of leaders to meet this county’s national security needs.

  • NYC Specialized Schools Admission Discussed on Brooklyn Independent Television


    Rachel Kleinman, Assistant Counsel of LDFs Education Group , discusses the complaint against the admissions policies at New York City Specialized High Schools in an interview on Intersect, a community forum found on Brooklyn Independent Television.