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"The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund is simply the best civil rights law firm in American history." -- President Obama

News Updates

  • Does Florida law unfairly punish ex-offenders?


    When an incarcerated person has paid a debt to society by serving jail or prison time, is released and ready to start a new life, many will have to wait a few years to be considered a real citizen.

  • Politic365: New York Republicans Challenge Ban on Gerrymandering


    New York’s Former Governor David Paterson signed into law groundbreaking legislation that corrects the ills of the redistricting process concerning the counting of prisoners. The legislation signed by Paterson places into law a revamped process for counting prisoners in their home districts instead of districts where the prison or housing unit is located.

  • Post-Katrina Housing Case Continues After D.C. Circuit Ruling


    Joint Statement from Plaintiffs and Counsel on Recent Decision in Road Home Case

    (New York, NY) – Today a federal court of appeals issued a ruling explaining its decision to set aside preliminary injunctions previously granted against the State of Louisiana regarding its administration of the Road Home program.  The preliminary injunctions were granted at the request of two fair housing groups and African American homeowners in New Orleans who filed suit on behalf of families displaced in the wake of hurricanes Rita and Katrina.

  • Manning Marable: Our Great Scholar-Activist


    "Instead of leadership from above, democracy from below.”- Dr. Manning Marable

    A few weeks ago, I had dinner with Dr. Manning Marable and his wife, Leith Mullings, whose voluminous books, papers and op-ed columns comprise a critical collection of today’s discourse on race in America.

  • Civil Rights: Deconstructing the school-to-prison pipeline


    DETROIT — “The most critical civil rights issue of our day” — the school-to-prison pipeline — drew lawyers, educators and the public to Wayne State University Law School March 25.

    “What is the school-to- prison pipeline?” asked keynote speaker Damon T. Hewitt, director of education practice, NAACP Legal Defense Fund. “You can’t define it, you can only frame it. It may look different from school to school.