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"The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund is simply the best civil rights law firm in American history." -- President Obama

News Updates

  • Lobbyists of all stripes swarm President Obama’s gun-control proposals


    President Obama’s gun-control recommendations have created a lobbying free-for-all on Capitol Hill.

    Groups not typically associated with the debate over gun rights have taken a strong interest in the proposals that the White House put forward. Civil rights activists, mayors, psychiatrists, scientists and teachers are among those who plan to dispatch lobbyists to try and shape the debate. 

  • Black and Brown Schools Already Over-Policed


    “When we look at whose schools are policed and which students have to go through metal detectors, get pad-downs, get drug-searched on a routine basis, it’s our students of color and our communities of color across this country,” said Matthew Cregor, of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. "The Newtown, Connecticut, massacre has led to renewed calls for an increased police presence in schools.

  • NAACP Legal Defense Fund Responds to Administration Proposals on Gun Violence: Suggests Schools Decline to Increase Police Presence


    Today, President Obama announced his proposals in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.  They contain many positive elements for addressing the root causes of violence in communities and also acknowledged the importance of positive interventions for ensuring school safety long advocated by the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.  Unfortunately, the proposals also allow schools to use federal funding to increase the presence of police.   

  • Debate on Armed Police in Schools: Needed for Kid Safety or Part of the Student-to-Prison Pipeline?


    As the National Rifle Association pushes for armed guards in every school, "Democracy Now!" hosted an on-air debate over what type of security measures should be taken in schools to prevent future tragedies. Featured guests included Sean Burke, president of the School Safety Advocacy Council; and Damon Hewitt, an attorney with the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and co-author of "The School-to-Prison Pipeline: Structuring Legal Reform" (NYU Press 2010).

  • LDF Criminal Justice Project "Know Your Rights Academy" Coming Soon


    The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF) has developed a Know Your Rights Academy to address unlawful, stops, frisks, searches, and arrests by NYPD officers conducting vertical patrols and enforcing criminal trespass in NYCHA buildings. The Academy will train a cadre of Manhattan NYCHA residents in the fundamentals of organizing and facilitation of Know Your Rights workshops for NYCHA residents as it relates to their interactions with law enforcement.