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"The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund is simply the best civil rights law firm in American history." -- President Obama

Donor Testimonials

George Wallerstein and Julie Lutz

George Wallerstein and Julie LutzGeorge Wallerstein began supporting LDF’s work during the civil rights movement in the early 1960's. “It was apparent even then,” he says, “that the effort to expand civil rights in the United States would be a long job”. LDF is still working to defend the gains made at that time and endeavoring to build on those successes for the future.
Of particular importance to life-long educators, George Wallerstein and his wife, Julie Lutz, is the opportunity for all Americans to have access to quality education.  “LDF not only fights to make the opportunity available but also assists African-American students to pursue undergraduate and law degrees through its scholarship programs.  Every year it is rewarding to learn about the new class of scholarship recipients, individuals with a passion to help improve their communities. We appreciate knowing that they are on their way to join LDF’s outstanding alumni – judges, members of Congress, professors, founders of community organizations – individuals who will carry forward LDF’s fight for justice and equality.”

Karen Hastie Williams

Karen Hastie WilliamsI am Board Member and ardent supporter of LDF and its most important mission.  I shudder to think what our society would look like had it not been for the relentless determination demonstrated by LDF over the years.  To bring fair and equal justice to all our citizens has been the mantra of LDF since Thurgood Marshall wrote the charter in 1939.  LDF’s achievements have been many, but they will not rest on past laurels when there is so much yet to accomplish. 
The legacy of support to LDF was instilled in me by my father, William H. Hastie, one of the original directors of LDF.  Through him I witnessed the tireless struggles in which LDF engaged.  
In order to secure its future, I have named LDF as a beneficiary in my will.  My will is a testament to the values in which I believe.  And there is no value more precious than the principles for which LDF stands.  Just as my father’s legacy lives on, I wish to create a legacy of my own with my bequest to LDF.

Xerox Corporation

Ursula M Burns
“African-Americans have emerged from the projects of northern cities and the fields of southern farms to become leaders in just about every line of business in the United States.   However, let's not forget that our work is far from done.  In the simple words of Robert Frost, "We have much to do and miles to go before we rest."  I know that LDF will not rest and Xerox is proud to stand with them.”

Ursula M. Burns

Xerox Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
2009 Recipient of LDF’s National Equal Justice Award