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NYC Jails Visitor Strip Search

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The City of New York is illegally strip searching visitors to City jails.  The United States Constitution requires that, to justify the strip search of a particular visitor, prison officials must reasonably suspect that the visitor is secreting contraband.  The standard for body cavity searches is even higher.  That is because courts have long recognized that such visitor searches are, at the very least, extremely embarrassing and unpleasant, and, at worst, dehumanizing and repulsive.  By randomly strip searching visitors to its jails, the City is routinely breaking the law. 

LDF is co-counseling with Beranbaum Menken LLP and Giskan Solotaroff & Anderson LLP to represent four individuals who were violated and humiliated for the simple act of visiting an incarcerated loved one.  The case was filed as a class action in November 2015 and names the City of New York, DOC Commissioner Joseph Ponte, and individual correction officers.