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"The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund is simply the best civil rights law firm in American history." -- President Obama

Swarns Skewers Grand Jury Process on PBS NewsHour

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LDF Condemns Failure to Indict Darren Wilson for Killing of Michael Brown

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LDF Deeply Mourns the Passing of Board Member William Scheide

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Highlights from 28th Annual National Equal Justice Award Dinner

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Our Right to Vote is Under Attack. Are You at Risk?




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Help LDF Push Back on Voter Suppression

Learn more about the proposed Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014 (VRAA).

Urge Congress to strengthen and pass the VRAA.

Learn more about voter suppression efforts since Shelby v. Holder.

Tell us about recent voting changes in your former Section 5 jurisdiction and how they affect your community.

Find out if you live in a place formerly covered by Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

Share LDF's 'Call to Action' on voting rights.